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Catching up: Pickled, books, seaside

It took me a while to get a good motif for "pickled", but here it finally is: this year's batch of pickled lemons and oranges.

I used oranges, too, for the first time last year as I didn't have enough lemons, and they turned out so good that I'm repeating it this year. By now the pickles are nearly ready to be used, too - it took me two weeks to make this post. *sigh*

My contribution for "books" is just a quick shot of one of our bookshelves.

Left is one of my shelves, with some novels but mainly history and art history books, most from uni (they're all standing in two rows behind each other), with part of my husband's fantasy and SciFi collection on the right.

And finally, one of my favourite seaside pics.
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