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Smile please

September 2019



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The Sea

brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger

First post: Honour

Isn't curiouswombat a great cheerleader? As I'm new here, I'm posting some holiday pics for the first three prompts. I'll get to taking new ones soon, I promise!

This plaque is very quiet, well inside a holiday rental maintained by the Landmark Trust. (You really need to be coming down the stairs to spot it, and it tones completely with the wall colour in this area.) I was struck by the way it's a fitting honour for a man who spent his life quietly bringing historic buildings back to sympathetic life. I don't think he'd want something more obtrusive.

Depart: the last photo I took leaving Avignon in mid-October. When I arrived here at the TGV station a few days earlier, this was the first view I had. I thought how nice the feathery planting was against summery blue skies and sun. As I was leaving, the year had clearly turned - it was a good moment to be going home. (And it would almost do for 'water' too!)

Water: St Andrew's Well at Stogursey, where I stayed earlier in the year. Stogursey is downhill of the Quantocks, and they had this endless supply of free-flowing fresh water coming off the hills except in outright droughts. So much better than a lot of wells! As you can see, they appreciated their luck and built a proper set of pipes and a special stone enclosure for the water supply. There are another pair of pipes across the courtyard, also gushing freely. It's pretty noisy!


I do like that very thoughtful plaque.

The 'depart' pic has that look about it that makes you glad it's the end of a holiday, not the beginning!
It's very quiet, that memorial, and restful to live with.

Oh, that rain in Avignon. Absolutely tipping down, and with a general strike coming the next day. I really worried I might not be able to leave - all the trains were delayed by storms... It was exactly the right time to go home: no regrets at all!
I love water fountains -- I think they're refreshing just to look at. And there's something very touching and very personal about the plaque, I suppose because it was put up by friends of the person commemorated.
It's a lovely spot - they both are, in fact, in very different ways. The plaque is so traditional, yet personal and heartfelt, and quite unexpected in its holiday home context.
I particularly love the water shoot. I like to think they made that trough for any passing animals to enjoy.
You may well be right - or else washing, possibly. It's a real community spot, for sure.
curiouswombat is the best!

I love it when quiet people are acknowledged. Good should be noted.

Edited at 2011-01-18 11:05 am (UTC)
Thanks! It pleased me very much when I saw it.