Oshun (heartofoshun) wrote in photo_scavenger,

For "Back" I will choose our backyard!

I am still locked-down in Brooklyn for the unknowable future. Doing better here but the city is not ready to let down our guard--one could easily imagine how quickly all progress could reversed.

I took the following pictures a couple of weeks ago and almost posted them. My daughter insisted people would think we live in a hellhole. Not exactly. But I admit to feeling cranky reading about people with rural settings to walk in and gardens and backyards where they can sit in the sunlight. We have nowhere to go. There is small space behind our building which I can see out of the back windows. But there is no access for us and no reason to want to go back there even if we did have access.

Can you find the statue of the Virgin Mary? Hint--it is near the abandoned bicycle.

That's it!
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