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Smile please

September 2019



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hobbituk in photo_scavenger


Yet another newbie here, at the behest of curiouswombat (she really ought to have asked for commission!) Hopefully, I have done this right!

Each year, on November 11th in the building where I work, the last post is played at 11am to mark the beginning of the 2 minutes silence, and passers by stop in remembrance and honour those who lost their lives in war. This pic wasn't taken last year, but the year before.


This picture was taken today. It's the roof of the building opposite my office - not a swimming pool! The water lays on this flat roof for months and months - last year, there were ducks swimming on it!


This picture was taken last year at Alexandra Palace. I have no idea who the gentleman was, walking away, but I liked his silhouette on the path.


I just love the man walking away. And I have to wonder what kinds of algae and mold and who knows what are growing on that roof!
It's only ever free of water in the very hottest months. I have absolutely no idea why the roof hasn't rotted yet!

If you look at the large picture of the man (scrapbook made it small on the page) you can see he actually has a labrador with him, but I just liked the silhouette effect.
I did blow it up (it was way bigger than my screen, LOL!) and noticed that. Made it even more perfect, somehow.
I get my commission equivalent in pictures to look at!

i particularly like the one of the man walking away at the Ally Pally.
That roof would make me very nervous about living underneath. I lived in a house with a flat-roofed extension for a kitchen a couple of years ago, and in the middle of the winter the rain leaked in and filled up the plaster, which had to be replaced along with the roof.

The man walking away is a lovely shot!
Flat roofs are awful things. Though at least this one had ducks! I like your silence picture - people just trying to observe it while caught in the middle of their ordinary day.
It does me good to see people show respect.

That roof is scary! Someday, it will probably collapse under all that weight.

Perfect photo for depart.