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Street, Shell & Journey

ooops, I got behind - so here I am catching up, and will catch up with comments at some point (soon). As they are large, they are under a cut

Street - Why be fancy when I can show the street I live in ... my house is about /2 way up on the left in theis picture)

Shell - This is the shell of St Loyes Chapel, about 10 minutes walk from me. Wikepedia -
In about 1238 a chapel dedicated to St Loye (St Elegius) was erected in East Wonford, probably as the domestic chapel of Walter Gervais (fl.1218), Mayor of Exeter and founder of the Exe Bridge. Roger Ayshford of Aysheford in Burlescombe, Devon, acquired (by means unknown) the messuage and lands called "Sancte Loyes", and sold it to John Leigh and William Glandfeilde, who in 1588 sold it for £38 to twelve trustees for the use of the poor of the adjoining parish of Heavitree.[7] The chapel was partially repaired in 1785, before which it had been used as a cow-shed. Ruins survive today of the structure measuring 35 ft by 18 ft 8 inches

Journey - Well I like walking, and have a car ... if not, I go to my local bus stop (here) if I want to go on a journey!
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