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Week 3 - Honour.

I have thought of a few possible pictures for this - I even went this morning and took two, especially - and then, as I was looking for something else, I found these on file from last spring, never posted anywhere - and thought they would be even better.

This is a memorial stone erected in honour of four young American pilots who flew with the RAF and died on the same day in 1941, in tragic circumstances. There is a close-up of the description below the cut, and a link to an article about them. I thought American community members might like to see that their countrymen are remembered in such a beautiful, and peaceful, spot.

Honouring American pilots of the RAF

Unfortunately my close-up is not perfect;

Honour - close up

The difficult to read surname of the first pilot is Mamedoff. Here is an article explaining just how these four young men come to be honoured with this plaque so far from their home states.

If, by the remotest chance, anyone knows anyone who is related to the pilots I would happily go and take a better picture for them anytime.
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