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I had several ideas about what do for this challenge--for challenge it seemed to be. But this morning I went to a war memorial close to where I live, and that made up my mind.

The memorial is in a local cemetery. I drive by it at least once a week--but like me I think most people either don't know it's there or don't know what it is.

The dedication on the memorial tower reads: "The Chimes Tower Lighted Cross, hereby dedicated in proud tribute to our veteran dead whose final resting places shall forever remain known but to their God. May 30, 1953"

Surrounding the tower are hundreds of white gravestones; those buried there participated in the Korean War, Vietnam War and the Spanish American War as well as WWI and WWII. I'll let the picture speak for itself. I've a few more photos that I'll post over on my journal if anyone cares to hop over for a looksee.

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