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September 2019



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GoT Arya

zanthinegirl in photo_scavenger

First Post!

I'm another person who found her way here via curiouswombat


This was taken during the nightly Colors Ceremony in Roche Harbor, Washington on San Jaun island. They're lowering the British flag; the American flag comes next. I'm told they've done this since the Pig War. It's very moving!


What a lovely picture - and how interesting, too.
It's a busy little harbor-- all kinds of yachts. But it comes to a standstill for the colors. In the summer they have a bagpiper!
Oh! I remember studying the Pig War in Pacific Northwest History in high school! Such an odd incident and rather funny, in retrospect. I had no idea they had a ceremony like this on San Juan Island... that's one of the places on my list to visit one of these days.
Go! It's not that far!

it's probably more fun in the summer, but their winter's nice too. And cheaper! They're in the rain shadow of the Olympics so San Juan island in particular get quite a bit less rain than we do. Orcas and Lopez are much greener so I assume wetter!
Thank you for this--I really don't get around in my own back yard!

This is a relatively young area, history wise, and it's nice to have a reminder that some meaningful traditions have come down to us through the years.

Good to see you here!
Blame curiouswombat :D

I really enjoy just getting on a ferry and exploring. And the ferry trip itself is fun! I see orcas once in a while!
I'd never heard of the Pig War! Beautiful shot. I love the way you caught the light as it fades down to the ground.
I think it's probably a safe bet that most people haven't heard of the Pig War. Since the only casualty was the pig it was pretty much eclipsed by the Civil War a couple years later. Still, it's a fascinating little chapter of history!

And thanks. I think that shot turned out pretty well!
Lovely photo, and a very interesting tradition. Would be lovely to see.
Thanks! I really like how that picture turned out.

It's an interesting place. In the summer they have a bagpiper playing for the ceremony, but they do it in the winter too.

I posted some other pictures of San Juan island-- mostly English Camp & Roche Harbor here. I do think that the Color Ceremony is my favorite though!
The things I learn from LJ. Thank you!
Hey, anything to help! :D