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Smile please

September 2019



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Behind again

melegyrn in photo_scavenger


I really like trees.

I really like trees. So it's hard to decide on just one tree for this post, or just one photograph.

There's one tree, however, that is very special to me. It lives in a place that's very special to me, and it stands like a marker, a sentinal, a watcher.

The tree lives in Mount Rainier National Park, and is just the to side of the trail on one of my favorite hikes in the park. When I reach it, and have gone just beyond it, as I did when I took this picture, I know that I have the hardest part of the hike behind me. I may have to climb a bit still, but I'm well on my way now, up on the ridge. In the summer, when the sun shines and the air is warm, I feel I could stay up on the trail forever. It's always hard for me to leave.

I've read that the prevailing winds here can reach 100 miles per hour. One can see this is probably true, as the tree is missing branches on one side. But still it endures. Oh lucky tree, to have nothing to do but stand and watch over that view! To have time to listen and to absorb the quiet. To be able to hear the whispery voice of the wind in the quiet. Though I do not envy it the winter chill and winds, and being buried under the snow, which I'm sure it is right now.

Here it is in the summer sun:

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Wow! I've never seen a tree that looks anything like that before. It's so...I don't know. Stoic, maybe. And your essay about it was wonderful. It made the picture even more powerful than it would have been on its own.
Thank youn for your kind words. The more I thought about posting that picture, the more I knew I had to write something about why that particular picture was important to me. I'm glad the words added to the impact of the photo.

Stoic--that's a good word to describe the tree--though I would like to think that it might have some feeling of pleasure, especially in summer--but that's just me being fanciful!
I love trees, too, everything from tiny ornamentals to sequoias. One has to admire your tree for its tenacity.
Tenacious it is for sure. I wonder how old it is--how long it's taken for it to grow into what it is?
Wow, what a spectacular spot your tree lives in!
Isn't it though! And aren't we lucky it's so close to us? I do love that view!
Stunning that tree (and the view!)- inspiring tenacity.
I love that view! I meant that--lucky tree to live there all the time. :)
I really, really, like that picture - the depth of the mountain ranges as well as the tree, defying the elements.

There is something about it, though, that reminded me of this story.
What a wonderful gift that was. I've read a few of Thundera's stories, but this one must have escaped my attention, or maybe I just don't remember it, looking through different eyes tonight. Very different trees, it's true, but similar in many ways. Thank you!

That's a beautifully framed photo; of a fascinating subject. All that misty blue beyond... Wow!
Thanks so much!
I see it reaching up to the sky in sheer ecstasy.
Yes! Until I did this post I hadn't really noticed how the tree seems to be embracing what is in front and above it--ecstasy indeed!
Thank you! It is a lucky tree, isn't it?

I never made the connection, but yes, it does seem similar to those statues. Thanks for sharing that connection.
Wow! That scene is just... I don't know, magestic.