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Smile please

September 2019



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due when?

willowgreen in photo_scavenger

First post catch-up

Hello, Photo Scavengers! This is my first post to the community, although I've been watching for some time. I hope no one minds my taking the opportunity to catch up on all of January's themes in one post. Here goes:

Week 1 — Water

My daughter, San Francisco Bay, May 2010

This is my daughter standing behind the Ferry Building in San Francisco, with the magnificent view of San Francisco Bay and the Bay Bridge behind her. You can see exactly how she feels about getting her picture taken.

Week 2 — Depart

Sunset over Central Park, 12-27-2010

Sunset over Central Park, December 27, 2010. The lights come on as the sun departs for the day.

Week 3 — Honor

Liberace Museum, Las Vegas

The Liberace Museum in Las Vegas, which is now, sadly, closed.

Week 4 — Tree

Japanese maple leaves, spring 2010

Japanese maple leaves in spring.


You can see exactly how she feels about getting her picture taken.

Oh my gosh! That expression is an absolute classic!
I love the few headlamps lit in your depart picture - just a few yellow spots amid the blue of evening.
That's one fed up young lady!

I love the blue colours that come with snow - that is a really lovely picture - even if it makes me shiver.
That's one of the most beautiful shots of Central Park I've ever seen.
I love the shot of your daughter! I have a number of those from my two. My daughter usually put up with my camera, but my son scowled or avoided it until he graduated high school. He finally realized that my photos didn't represent him as a part of the family, and he began allowing me to take his photo. Now, he even reminds me to snap photos!

Beautiful photo of Central Park.
I'm glad I'm not the only one that had a camera-shy kid. Man, I long for when he was just a baby; he loved the camera then.