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Smile please

September 2019



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mairesue in photo_scavenger

Week:5 Theme: Rabbit

Week 5 Jan 30 - Feb 5: Rabbit
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Hmm, this should be interesting! I see rabbits in the yard but not when I have a camera... lol
OK, this will be a toughie. I don't think I even have any old photos that fit. And in this weather, the local bunnies are waaaaay out of sight. ::ponders an idea::
Hmmm...this should be interesting, rabbits are illegal in Queensland, looks like I'll have to be inventive. lol
LOL Yep...they're a declared pest, so any found in the wild are killed and it is illegal to own one--although some day-care and kindergartens have a special license to be allowed to have one.
Nope, no native species...they were introduced by European settlers for food/hunting, just like the fox and other declared pests. They cause massive damage to the landscape (erosion), compete with native animals (as well as livestock) for food and breed like...well, you know. LOL

I can't think of anywhere in Australia where it is illegal to own cats, other than in a national park situation like Fraser Island etc...but it would be illegal to own any form of non-native animal in these places. Feral cats are, however a problem, hence a lot of local governments bringing in a registration system for cats now as well as dogs and incentives for them to be desexed.

Unfortunately our eco-system, having been cut off from everything for thousands of years, is very fragile and the damage that we (European settlers) have done since our arrival is phenomenal.
LOL No worries. I did a little Googling during the course of our conversation.
I would LOVE to have a pet rabbit, and on our trips over to England when I was a child my favourite thing was to go to the pet shop to cuddle the bunnies....alas.