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Smile please

September 2019



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K Baby pic

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I'm sure there are real rabbits around here somewhere - but they tend to keep a low profile at this time of the year. But almost as soon as I saw the prompt I knew what I wanted to take a picture of. This is 'Blue Bunny'.

He is looking a little the worse for wear, but that's not really surprising - he went to bed every night with my daughter from the day she got home from hospital until she was 7 or 8 - at which point he moved to the bottom of the bed - and these days he lives on a shelf in her bedroom - now almost 23 years old, like his owner.

And, I know because I have just tried, when you turn the wee key in his back he still plays Brahms' Lullaby.



Awww He's lovely!

Kairi has (amazingly, because I can't believe Susan actually let her have it) inherited the 23 year old pink teddy that Susan has had since she was about an hour or two old (bought for her by my parents while I was still out of it from the Caesar). It's lovely to be able to hold on to these things.
I can see K passing this guy on, after a bit of a bath - but the other bed-mate was a peach coloured puffalump - and I don't think she would share him, even with her own offspring! Blue bunny got moved to the bottom of the bed when she was 7 or 8; Puffy was still being cuddled, when needed, in her late teens...
Hee! Great minds really do think - and name! - alike. Hi, Blue Bunny. Puppet Bunny sends his best.
I think parents have limited imagination when they have small babies - hence the very simple names of toys from babyhood!
So you, not d-d, named him? I was responsible for Puppet Bunny all on my own.
By the time she was able to talk he was already known as the blue bunny... But both Blue Bunny and Puppet Bunny are eminently sensible names!
Awww, he looks so loved! I can see this prompt is going to make me regret leaving the larger number of my stuffed toys at home...
You'll notice that he is, of course, at home - whereas his owner is in York... although there are one or two small teddies there, I think!
Now that's shows love!
He is a rather worn blue bunny - of all her childhood soft toys there is now one shelf-full in her bedroom - and it is interesting to see which ones 'made the cut'.
Hee! You're lucky - the only 'rabbits' I have to photograph round here are the tasteful display in Ann Summers... I may have to post another holiday pic.

But shame on me for defiling your lovely post with such thoughts. *g*
Well - they'd be different...
Like the Velveteen Rabbit (are you familiar with that book?), this bunny has become "real."
Ah yes - I remember the Velveteen Rabbit. But D-d's favourite was rabbit from the Old Bear books which I remember reading over and over.
I'm not familiar with the Old Bear books. I'm hoping to get re-acquainted with children's literature in a few years.