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I briefly contemplated making Ivy (pet rat) play dress-up, but decided it wasn't worth the amount of cursing and sulking that would result, so here's a photo of my grandaughter's bedroom with Peter happily perched on her bookcase.

I am running behind on my tree pic as I just haven't had a chance to get out and photograph the tree I want...I'm hoping to get there sometime today.

Edited to add... I gave in to temptation.

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I tried a few times to get a photo of Ivy in her bunny costume--she would keep the ears on for a few minutes before removing them, the tail didn't last 2 seconds.

In the end both tail and ears were discarded as a very crabby rat washed herself and muttered angrily at me... this was the moment when I decided to give up and start offering treats as an apology. She's happily taken the treats, but is still muttering at me when I go over to see her... so I guess I'm still in the bad books. LOL

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