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Smile please

September 2019



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hilleviw in photo_scavenger

Cryptic Rabbit

I know, right? It looks more like fireworks than a rabbit, doesn't it? Yup. Happy New Year! Welcome to...the Year of the Rabbit.

The first Chinese New Year after my family moved to Hong Kong was in 1975, also the year of the Rabbit. We were living in a tiny, cramped flat in Mid Levels, but my brother and I went to school at the Peak and we had a family friend who lived near our school and invited the family over for a supper with mooncakes and a perfect view of the celebratory fireworks. I was ten years old and it was about the most exciting and exotic thing I'd ever experienced.

Kung Hei Fat Choy, y'all.

ETA: I'm new to the community, I hope it's okay to take this kind of sideways approach to the theme. Please let me know if I'm out of line and I can be more literal in future.


I don't know about literal or not, but it's a beautiful picture! Fireworks are stunning, if you can catch them like this.
Thanks, it took about a dozen shots to get one that I really like. I wish the streetlight wasn't in it, but other than that I think this works pretty well.
They're beautiful fireworks - a good way to celebrate rabbits to me!
Thank you, and happy new year!
Lovely interpretation! Happy New Year.
Thank you, and to you. I hope it's filled with good fortune, and the safety and calm traditionally associated with the year of the rabbit.
Beautiful! And I'm just a member, and another newbie at that, but I love to see different interpretations like this.
Thanks for liking the picture and for the reinforcement. Sometimes it's hard being new, isn't it? Just takes a while to get confidence about the rhythms.
It is ABSOLUTELY a wonderful picture and interpretation and I will let you on a little secret The Chinese New Year was my inspiration for choosing Rabbit for this week!
Oh yay! After I'd discarded the notion of making one of my poodles pose while wearing the bunny ears (because really, the poodles deserve a little dignity) I was stumped about doing something literal. A friend works for an animal shelter that has rabbits, but it's more than an hour drive to get there, and it's a busy week. I do what I must, but I really hoped to avoid the driving this week.
Wonderful photo! Fireworks are so hard to capture.