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Smile please

September 2019



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brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger


So, I was thinking of doing something about Chinese New Year celebrations in London, but it turns out I have a miserable feverish cold and I'm not going near Chinatown to infect people while they celebrate. Also, we haven't had any actual bunnies yet, and I happen to have one single bunny picture available to share:

It was exactly as damp and misty as this picture looks - the fuzzy effect is all natural. The rabbits must have been quite soggy, though they look fairly cheerful. I was inside in a house built into a hill, and this field sloped up behind the house, which is why the rabbits were pretty much at my eye level, and the angle looks slightly odd. I was definitely not lying down on that grass...


It does look quite damp. But go you! At least you have real rabbits, unlike the rest of us...
Hee! *waves real bunnies*

What a great shot! And the house built into a hill sounds intriguing. You're not a hobbit by any chance, are you? *g*
Hee! No, sadly, it's just a holiday rental, from a company that specialises in salvaging interesting old buildings. It's on a steep hillside over a gorge, with two one-storey buildings on different levels separated by a yard and some steps. (Confused? Details are here.) The nearby bunnies were an unexpected bonus, though they are very hard to photograph - I have a whole lot of duff shots from this holiday.

I love that icon, btw.

I really like all the textures and the mistiness in that.
*g* Now imagine me hopping in and out of the car for the four separate, poorly-maintained, gates on the drive in, and understand why my memories of that holiday are a bit mixed. The holiday without sun, and with big rust stains on my coat... But the bunnies were very entertaining once we were in.
Ooh, good work on getting real rabbits! They do look cheerful.
Thanks! They were very skippy, compared with the damp humans around.
I'm becoming very nostalgic for green. I would love to see my yard look like that rather than snow covered.
Love the misty-ness and the lush greenness and of course, the bunnies!