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Smile please

September 2019



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mairesue in photo_scavenger

Sizing Guidelines

I have had a few suggestions about the size of pictures and how it is affecting friends pages and I can understand that concern. I also know that I do not want all the pictures under an lj - cut or all very small thumbnail. This is a photo community, after all.

I think the size that should work with most browsers is 640 wide with a variable height depending on the photo's proportions. I am hoping that this size will still be able to portray what the photographer is trying to express.

If you feel like you need to post a BIG picture to really show what you want to show then using an lj - cut is a good idea.

Keep up the great photographing! You are all doing a fabulous job.

Thanks hillarygayle Love you.


Do you know how to do that? I let my paid account lapse, so now the only way I have to post pictures is to load them to photobucket and then include them, but I haven't seen a place where it'll let me set the size.
You can resize them with Paint or Irfanview, which I prefer.


Then you can upload them to photobucket.

IMHO, 800px wide should be pretty standard size for most people, even those still using smaller screens. I have 22"s so I don't mind large photos :D
Thank you, I'll try that.
Hover over the picture in photobucket and there is a little blue bar at the top of the box that appears for you to copy the HTML code to post. One option on the blue bar is 'edit' and then you can resize there.

Although I usually resize all mine on my computer before I upload them to photobucket I have used it on a couple of occasions.
It's easy to do on Flickr, and you don't need a paid account. Choose a photo, click on "share this," then choose "grab the HTML/BBcode." The default size is "medium," which is what we want here. Copy the entire link (you have to scroll down a little to get it all) and paste it into your post, et voila!