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Smile please

September 2019



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Behind again

melegyrn in photo_scavenger

Week 5 - Rabbit

I had no idea what do for this week's challenge. We have wild rabbits down by the lake sometime, but I've no idea if there are any around right now. I don't have any stuffed bunnies, or bunny whatevers, or so I thought.

Sunday was a full day, and around the time I served dinner I realized I had not taken a photo for my 365 project. I started taking photos of this little fellow, and halfway through hollered, "It's a rabbit!" and started laughing. A rabbit it is, of sorts, one that my Mom collected on her 90th birthday. It's really a flower, on a stem. The blue "collar" is really petals. Perfect for a "winter" rabbit.

After the discussion regarding picture size, I guess mine will go under a cut.



Rabbits are everywhere. I think they may be plotting to take over the earth.

Very cute!
Giving a whole new meaning to plot bunnies?
Bwah! Very good.
Lol! They certainly do multiply...the rabbit population at the lake increases every year soon after Easter. And then, of course, everyone wants to feed the cute bunnies!
What a variety we've had!
Quite an interesting assortment--and even a few genuine rabbits in the mix!
It is, most certainly - a rabbit! And a rather cute one, too.
Heee! I was a little embarrassed that it took me so long to realize what it was....
Cute pic. How hilarious how rabbits are coming up when they aren't expected.

The sizing of your picture definitely is within the sizing guidelines so you didn't have to cut it.
I guess it's something rabbits do--popping up out of holes when least expected! :)