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Smile please

September 2019



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dougalsservant in photo_scavenger


I have been worrying all week about what to do for rabbit. (I will worry even more about taxes!)

I do have plenty of wild rabbits living here but it hasn't really been the weather for them to come out and show themselves. I suppose I could have taken a photo of a rabbit hole by one of my trees, or where they have burrowed under the garden shed.....

Then I remembered that I have a carved wooden rabbit:

It was made by Perry Lancaster who is an English artist who moved to France about six years ago. He has a sort of "standard range" of carvings and he also takes commissions. A couple of years ago he was making an owl for me for a friend's 60th and I discovered that he had a homeless rabbit. Someone had commissioned it and then not got back in contact so Perry was left with it. I thought it was rather nice, and felt sorry for him (the rabbit that is!) so he is now part of my collection. http://homepage.mac.com/perrylancaster/perrylancaster9/index.html


Awww, what a lovely rabbit, and he actually looks rather sad that he was abandoned initially. I also followed the link, and he does beautiful work. There were a lot of pieces on his site I'd love to buy if I could afford them.
I think what I really admire is how he uses the grain of the wood to bring out the shape of what he is carving. I think he must be so gifted to be able to look at a piece of wood, and the grain, and see what it could become.
Oh - it is very tactile looking. Don't you just get the urge to stroke it for hours on end?
Exactly! It is very strokable (is that a word?)

When I was working at Sainsbury's I had a couple of his cats in my office and people coming in to talk to me often picked them up and stroked them. When we moved to Holborn and went totally open plan they moved with me but had to be locked up overnight, poor things.
Almost totally not related - but Kes has just posted some pictures that might remind you of a couple of squirrels of our acquaintance.
It been interesting to see how we all have a rabbit in our lives.