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Okay, this one had me stumped... I actually checked the phone book to see if there was a pub named the Presidential that I could get a photo of, there is, unfortunately it is almost a two hour drive away, so I ruled that out and went with truly weird instead.

A few years ago I had a REALLY weird dream that my best friend and I were at a Bon Jovi concert...nothing too unusual about that, but we were at a concert in America...that's where it started to be a little weird. It really turned weird when the band arrived at the outdoor venue on the back of a flat bed truck and the announcement came over the loud-speakers for everyone to stand for the President of the United States as the truck slowly circled the outside of the grassy area where everyone was standing and came to a stop near the stage... Said President then jumped off the truck and onto the stage and started to sing!

So yeah... Jon Bon Jovi for President!


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