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Smile please

September 2019



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alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger


Okay, this one had me stumped... I actually checked the phone book to see if there was a pub named the Presidential that I could get a photo of, there is, unfortunately it is almost a two hour drive away, so I ruled that out and went with truly weird instead.

A few years ago I had a REALLY weird dream that my best friend and I were at a Bon Jovi concert...nothing too unusual about that, but we were at a concert in America...that's where it started to be a little weird. It really turned weird when the band arrived at the outdoor venue on the back of a flat bed truck and the announcement came over the loud-speakers for everyone to stand for the President of the United States as the truck slowly circled the outside of the grassy area where everyone was standing and came to a stop near the stage... Said President then jumped off the truck and onto the stage and started to sing!

So yeah... Jon Bon Jovi for President!



Or Spike puppet FTW...!
LOL I'm not sure Spike would agree.
Seems good to me!
I think he'd make a perfectly good President... okay, so maybe not good...but a very pretty one! lol
ROFL Only you!
Who me?
You have the most interesting interpretation of the topic yet!
LOL As I said to Nutmeg3, I thought it was a pretty lame interpretation, but it was the best I could come up with.
Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike! Also the most creative interpretation of the theme yet. I love it.
LOL I thought it was probably the most lame interpretation yet, but President is not an easy theme in a country that doesn't have one.

The joy of having my own computer room is I get to have my rock-star and my vampire on display as much as I want... his highness only complains if they start to invade the rest of the house.