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Smile please

September 2019



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brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger

Fast, and catch-ups

I join a photo group... and my camera dies. Sigh. Never mind, I'm back in the game and have some catch-ups for you as well as this week's prompt.


I live at a major railway junction, and though we get lots of trains stopping, we also have the fast mainline running non-stop through the middle of our station. When this says 'fast', it means it - definitely over 100mph much of the time. If you like trains, under the cut I've added three smaller pics to illustrate - one of what the mystical yellow line looks like, in case you can't imagine it(!) and two which are my best effort at capturing one of the fast trains in action.

Also my fills for heart and president. And now I'm all caught up!

The Yellow Line! Really quite a long way from the edge of the platform, as there's a real rush of air from the trains as they pass. All children have a huge fascination with said line - I remember well being constantly ordered not to put my toes over the edge, which annoyed me when no trains were passing. But they do sneak up on you.

Train arrives and leaves - speedily. This was as much as I could capture of a train passing, although I knew it was coming up behind me, and it must be about 100 metres long. These things *move*.
IMG_0007 IMG_0008


One of the many charity shops in my area. It's a shame I couldn't take the picture as planned in Valentine's week, when the window was full of paper hearts naming people who have suffered heart problems or who the charity has helped. But still: prompt fill!


We are a little short of presidential material in the UK, so my "President" has an accent in it! This is, as it says on the label, a French brand of butter. Pretty commonly seen around in London, though slightly rarer than I thought - once I had the idea for the photo, I had to try three supermarkets before I found it. Never thought I'd spend this much time lurking by the dairy counter!


I love the idea of you lurking by the dairy counter!
I was very stealthy. (Insofar as it's possible to be stealthy taking photos of butter.)
I want to ride the Japanese bullet train someday. I love trains and I love speed, so the idea of the two of them combined... Your 100 mph train sounds great to me.
Glad you like the idea! It's fine when you're on it, but at the station as it passes there tends to be a big swirl of litter and ruffle of newspapers.
I've been trying to puzzle out which station that is. Reminds me a little of Walton-on-Thames or Woking, but it's not as if seeing Smiths in the background is much of a clue!
Close, but nearer in to London. It's Wimbledon, but the focus here is so narrow you can't see the tube lines or the Thameslink/Tramlink platforms, so it looks more like the 4 platform stations you get on this same line.
Wombles! I've just dated myself, haven't I? We lived in Surrey 1967 - 1974, so I grew up on the Wombles.
Heh. Wombles never went away. They are starring at the local Waterstones any day now. There are worse things to have associated with your hometown, and it's much cuter than the tennis!
When living in England I remember on the weekend we'd get on the Intercity 125 trains and go on trips. I've been on the Eurostar from Ashford to Paris and they travel fast too. There's something about trains that I miss here in the US.

Nice job :)
I practically live on trains - no way would I want a car in London, and I love to be transported effortlessly about the place! Glad you liked it.
Isn't that just the way--join a photo group and have your camera go on the blink!

Thanks for sharing!