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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger

Fast - we don't start to fast in the sense of eating less, or nothing, until next week - had this been the prompt for then, I would doubtless taken a picture of us tossing pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.

But, as it is the prompt for this week, I have gone with fast as in 'not slow'.

This is not a very good picture - but it should give you the idea. The small honey coloured blob is a very fast moving tiny dog - when I walk her for Mum I let her off her lead when we are within sight of the car. This is how quickly she moves when she is heading back to 'Mother' who has the car door open ready for her to leap in. I actually had the camera ready in one hand as I slipped her lead with the other - but she still got this far away before I had her in the picture and clicked!


This is what she actualy looks like - she is a long-haired chihuahua -



I love how you caught her in mid-gallop with one hind foot up. What kind of dog is she? She looks fluffy and cute.
She is, indeed, fluffy and cute - she is a long haired chihuahua - I've just edited the post to add a proper close-up.
She's adorable! I'm not wild about smooth chihuahuas, but I think the long-hairs are the cutest.
OMG, she's adorable! I love the sight of her running back to your mother,.
She is funny - she always seems very worried that if she isn't extremely careful we will spirit either her or Mum away and she might never see her again - hence the mad dash back to the car as soon as she can!
She's so cute and kittenish! <3 I kind of adore small dogs like that -- the closer to cat-sized they get, really...
For quite a long time Mum had a 'visiting cat' - and he was at least half as big again as Willow.
I love long-haired chihuhuas. They seem to have a different temperament than the smooth ones. They don't seem to be as shaky nervous or as hostile. Bumberjean had such a sweet one--never knew a stranger and was simply the happiest little dog!