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Smile please

September 2019



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alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger


I went with a photo of my grandaughter Kairi, mostly because she is growing up so fast, but also because she has just reached that stage where she moves so fast!

I was looking after her for a couple of weeks after Christmas while my daughter and son-in-law moved house, and she is so quick! My house is far from baby-proof, my youngest baby being 19 years old now, so when she's here I have to watch her like a hawk...she ran me ragged the day this photo was taken.


Look at that face! I bet you didn't mind a bit chasing her around. *g*
She is a cutie--until she's not getting her own way, then that face becomes very determined and angry. She has quite a temper for one so small. lol
She's getting so big! I'll bet she does run you ragged - I know keeping up with Elle when we go out usually takes the whole family working in shifts. :)
That photo was taken just after Christmas...she's bigger again now (naturally). I can't believe she's almost one...time flies!

PS: YM is not being nice to me at the moment. *sigh*
Oh. Too bad. I sent you a message a few hours ago. No biggie, though. I had no internet most of yesterday and last night due to heavy precip of one sort or another. Playing catch-up tonight. :)
That is a face to make you smile the minute you see it! She is growing so fast, too!
She is growing too fast! She'll be one in May, I have no idea where the time has gone...although it seems like only yesterday her mother was that size.
What a love! Little people are very fast!!! :)
They are...much faster (and possessed of considerably more energy) than poor old Nanas! lol
To have that energy bottled up and taken as needed when one is over 40!