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Smile please

September 2019



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Pumpkin Pie

wildrider in photo_scavenger


I had a hard time with this one, for a change not because I couldn't think of anything, but because I could think of WAY TOO MANY THINGS!

But in the end, I chose this fellow:

The Raven -- to North American cultures, a diety; to Europeans, a sign of fear. To me, a personal lucky talisman. We don't see ravens too often down here in the Phoenix valley, although they are native to the entire state. Then a few years ago, we would make an occasional sighting -- and no matter what else, if I ever see a raven here in town, it always means Something Good will happen. (Seriously. It's even been by day. On one memorable day I saw SEVEN ravens in our neighborhood. Exactly one week later, I got word my novel won 2nd place in the Southwest Writers Competition.)

I also collect Lucky Cats:

Erin go bragh, all!


That vase looks distinctly dragon-ish, or are my eyes deceiving me? Anyway, charming collection.
Yes, we have a whole set of those dragon dishes, but the vase is the only thing we display. My cats sort of took over the shelf...
I love the cat collection, and what a nice way of displaying it.
I didn't know Ravens are a sign of fear. I've just always liked them; they always seem to have a knowing look in their eyes.
I was thinking of the "black bird = evil" thing (not to mention Poe's Raven, although he was NEW England); I know in England Ravens are considered lucky for the Tower of London (although I would expect that would depend which side of the bars one is on).
I can't wait to hear what good thing this raven brings you. And I love your cat collection.
Well, that was up in Sedona last year -- but I DID see a couple down here in the Valley on Wednesday. And today WAS a pretty good day! :-)
When we were kids we would visit our provincial museum and it has a First Nations exhibit and in that exhibit there was an old black and white movie that started off with "Raven, my friend, are you up to your tricks again." So any time my sibs and I see a Raven we look at each other and say those words.
Hee! I like it!