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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


Hmm - a black cat is lucky. Even more luckily I happen to have one about my person. And luckiest of all I still have him - despite the fact that he went missing a couple of weeks ago - but was found by a neighbour - a very lucky black cat.

365 week 39 Saturday


ITA about lucky black cats! I have two, but luckily for me, they've never gone missing. (Except in the house, when I'm trying to round them up for a trip to the vet.)
It is the downside of having a free-range cat - but at least he hasn't made a habit of it!
He is a lucky cat! I'm really struggling with this one (and last week's) Completely idealess for this time of year. If we had clover, I'd go look for one with four leaves, but it's too early for that.
I so agree - 'things' are much easier to do than concepts.
It's funny that black cats are considered good luck there, when they are considered very unlucky here. Don't let a black cat cross your path and all that nonsense.

My black cat was very unlucky to those outside of her immediate family who dared to touch her!
Here a black cat crossing your path is a particular sign of good luck - we have black cats as gifts to give to brides! I am told that there is one place in Britain that considers them unlucky, too, but I don't know where.
Some animal shelters won't allow adoptions of black cats around Halloween because of cruelty afflicted by demented people.

Poor black kitties are euthanized 80% of the time in kill-shelters. They are the most unwanted color of cat here.
Poor cats - they are so much better off here - where they feature on Good Luck cards - you'll see at least four cards with black cats on on that page.
He looks like a cuddly cat.
I like the starry pillow he is laying on.
He is a big softy cat, most of the time. My daughter loves things with stars on, and so, when I saw those cushions in a local shop, I couldn't resist.
I <3 black cats as well. I've had 4 over my life. Unluckily for me I had to leave the last two I had with my parents when I left home and when they divorced last year my mom had them put to sleep. So glad that yours came home safe and sound!
Oh - poor pussycats! How sad for you.
Shaka is indeed a lucky cat!
And spoilt! I have to admit he is a spoilt cat.