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Smile please

November 2019



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hilleviw in photo_scavenger


Well, this was not the picture I planned to post for this challenge. I learned on Monday of the death in Sendai of a woman I met in 1976, who was my penpal for the last 35 years. I hunted everywhere for a picture taken when we first met, because I feel so lucky to have known Yuki. But I can't find the picture (and that it is not where I expect is making me crazy). So then I was going to take a picture of Lucky, which is a supermarket near here, but the weather has been abysmal and I've had no other reason to go there, so I haven't. And then I looked out my front door, and my first thought was how lucky I am that these branches hit the ground and not the roof, and that no-one was hurt, and I know I have friends who will help me remove them. So that's the picture that you get.


I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. ::hugs:: I like the interpretation of the theme that you posted, too, but mostly I'm just sorry for your loss.
Thank you. I've been really unbalanced since hearing about it, and don't really know how to pay tribute to her except in my own heart, as we didn't have a single person or organization in common with each other.
How sad to lose someone with whom you've shared your life experiences for so long.
I am so sorry about your friend. How sad. :(
Very lucky, indeed -- and deepest condolences on the loss of your friend.
Meep! That certainly is lucky.

But I am genuinely sorry to hear about your friend.
35 years is indeed a long and lucky friendship. I'm so sorry it's come to a premature end.
Oh my! I'm so sorry for the loss your friend. But I'd call that branch hitting the way it lucky for sure!o