Hillevi (hilleviw) wrote in photo_scavenger,


Well, this was not the picture I planned to post for this challenge. I learned on Monday of the death in Sendai of a woman I met in 1976, who was my penpal for the last 35 years. I hunted everywhere for a picture taken when we first met, because I feel so lucky to have known Yuki. But I can't find the picture (and that it is not where I expect is making me crazy). So then I was going to take a picture of Lucky, which is a supermarket near here, but the weather has been abysmal and I've had no other reason to go there, so I haven't. And then I looked out my front door, and my first thought was how lucky I am that these branches hit the ground and not the roof, and that no-one was hurt, and I know I have friends who will help me remove them. So that's the picture that you get.
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