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Smile please

September 2019



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GoT Arya

zanthinegirl in photo_scavenger


I know I'm a little late-ish-- I hope not too late! In my defense it's been an awful week.

This was taken at the St Michael's (Portland, Oregon) Greek Festival I think last fall. They do it every year; it's a fundraiser for the church. It's also a highlight of the fall for me; even though I don't live there anymore I try to come down every few years just for the fun!

My buddy Carol and her raffle tickets. She may not have won anything from the raffle, but we all got to eat ourselves sick on greek food (Mmm!  Baklava! By the pound!), watch the parish kids show off their greek dancing, and support a good cause. Sounds pretty lucky to me!

Carol in her natural habitat


Friends, food, and charity! Sounds very lucky, indeed!
It's my kind of luck anyway!
She should be lucky with all those.

I misread what you wrote as 'watch the parish kids show off their geek dancing!!
Now I'm trying to visualize what that might entail!
Win or lose, she looks happy. :-)
We had a great day! Way too much sausage, cheese, spanikopita, those little fried balls they cover with honey, lamb on skewers... I'm not sure she even cared that she didn't win anything!
I thought about our lottery billboard with "lucky," so that's a good choice!

OMG, is that a Simpsons-style Donna Noble?

I vaguely remember from my california days (ages 9 & 10-- my dad was military and stationed in Sacramento) a supermarket chain named "Lucky"; that would have worked too!

OMG, is that a Simpsons-style Donna Noble?

Sure is! I'm combining my geekeries; it's very meta! :D Also totally snaggable. So much Donna Love! I have more here BTW!

That's right, there was a grocery chain called Lucky (or Lucky's?)... hasn't been in AZ since I was a kid, though. I vaguely remember when the one near us closed. (Most of them were taken over by Alpha-Beta, which became ABCO, which are now also out of business.)

Much, much Donna love! I may snag some from you! :-)