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September 2019



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Ah, March in Arizona...

Means last year's fruit is still there while this year's blossoms open up! (Mostly because we're too lazy to denude the trees every year, so there's really a couple year's worth of fruit up there.) There's also a nest of breeding Costa's hummingbirds somewhere in this tree -- I hear them, and yesterday I saw them chasing each other around as the evening fell. The male is a regular at my feeder, because he likes to flash his pretty red throat for me!


Amazing! I would think it would rot. Our fruit trees drop their over-ripened fruit. It never occurred to me that it could hang on so long.
Citrus (at least in Arizona) mostly just dries up. Older fruit is just shriveled up on the branch. It does eventually fall, but not always. I think we have three or four years' worth up in the tops (where it's very hard to reach).
I think where you live sounds so incredibly exotic! Humming birds and citrus trees are the sort of things I only knew from books as a child!
Gee, I never thought of Phoenix as exotic! It's neat how "home" looks from other folks' eyes!
I can't believe the fruit doesn't either fall or get eaten by the birds. And I hope you can get some hummingbird pictures someday.
Oh, both happens, of course, but we have a LOT of fruit. If we get a harsh windstorm it blows down a lot, then birds eat it if they can peck through the peel, but not nearly all.

IF we're really vigilant we can occasionally eat a good amount of the grapefruit, but the oranges are really only good for juicing.
Neat! I love hummingbirds too. They're so much fun to watch!

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