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Smile please

September 2019



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willowgreen in photo_scavenger


This has been one of the wettest Marches I can remember in the quarter-century I've lived in northern California. A lot of our spring flowers have been beaten into submission. But you can't keep a good Japanese maple down. This one stands in front of a beautiful white flowering pear in blossom, which you can barely see against the gray-white sky:


Here's a close-up:


I wish the colors showed up better in the photo. The red leaves, the white blossoms, and the purple sky were really striking.


What a great combination of colors. I especially like the second one. I think there's more color to the sky in that one.
Thanks! Yes, I like the colors better in the second one, too.
It has been wet, hasn't it? And hail this morning, which I thought was insane (I'm in Santa Rosa). My brother's got a couple of restaurants in the Santa Cruz area, neither of which had electricity today, and one of the two roads to his house is blocked by a landslide. It's not quite as bad as 1982, but there's still time.
My daughter said she saw hail/sleet out of the window at school, too. (She goes to school in Mountain View.)

Which Santa Cruz restaurants are your brother's? I might know them.
He has the Boulder Creek Brewery on Hwy 9 in (surprise) Boulder Creek, and the Surfrider Cafe in downtown Santa Cruz; in the olden days when I lived in Santa Cruz, that was the site of the Pontiac Grill.
That is a lovely mix of colours.
I am confused by a maple that has red leaves in spring, but it certainly looks dramatic against your stormy sky.
what a cold, wet spring it's been! I'm a long way north of you in Seattle, but it's been like that here too.

Gorgeous trees!
Quite beautiful!