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Smile please

September 2019



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brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger


Getting in fast with the easy one for Brits! One of our distinctive red post boxes. This one is a little battered and off-vertical, and no wonder. A little googling on post-box-lover sites (there are many), suggests this is a George V box, dating from 1910-36. (In case you're wondering, the GR for George VI boxes is in much twiddlier lettering). I know plenty left over from Queen Victoria, though not on my way to work, sadly. They are some of the hardest-wearing, most-used pieces of street furniture I know.



Oh - clever! I have an idea for this, but will probably post it later in the week!

In the meantime I thought you might like this one

365 week 48 Thursday
Yay! I like to see the really old boxes.
So much nicer than our boring blue boxes. (And I still have no idea what to do for this prompt.)
I do like postboxes. Such a satisfying red!
I'm trying to come up with something creative for this, but I suspect, come Saturday, I'll be snapping a photo of our little post office, a mailbox, or our personal PO box. *sigh* Or maybe a UPS truck. lol
I think we're going to get a *lot* of mail-themed photos. Unless someone has a labour and delivery photo they want to share!
Ahh, this brings back memories, along with the red telephone boxes. Why did they have to replace them with those awful glass ones? :D
*g* Phone boxes are pretty much endangered now anyway. But I agree, the red postbox is a very satisfying thing.
I love it. Pretty, iconic, and useful!
Exactly! I love'em.
That's fantastic! For some reason I didn't know that British postboxes are red and cylindrical.

I think I read somewhere recently that Anthony Trollope came up with the idea of the public postbox -- does that sound right? I'd never read any of his novels till a couple of months ago, and my husband kept asking me what I was laughing at. No one ever told me that Trollope was funny!
I keep calling them postboxes but the original name is pillarbox, which is right for the shape. (Red is incidental, but I love that too.)

I think the Trollope thing is half-myth (like Salman Rushdie inventing the slogan 'naughty... but nice' for cream cakes), but he was in the right job to be involved. It's nice to think of famous people doing 'real' jobs successfully.
There used to be a mailbox on nearly every other corner in our Midwestern town, but they are few and far between now. All the neighborhood boxes are gone. I like your round red ones.