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Smile please

September 2019



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D-d does glam 2

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I said I had something in mind, but was leaving it to the end of the week. Well here it is. 23 years ago today I was in the middle of a very special delivery...

Katherine 10 minutes old

She was about 10 minutes old there. For those who are interested, the young lady in the icon is her more recently!


I wondered why it had to be delayed! Congratulations to you, a little belatedly, on your cleverness in making such a successful delivery!
She turned out pretty well, I reckon!
Improved with age, I'd say. All that dark hair as a baby, though. Hope the labor wasn't too long and hard.
The hair already had that copper glow to it - she really did have quite a lot of it!

As for the labour - you really don't want to know! Put it this way - I was in labour from the evening before and I hadn't seen her when that picture was taken as I was still unconscious following an emergency section...
Clever! She doesn't look as though she was very impressed with her first view of the world
You can see that with Delivery as a prompt for this week I really couldn't resist.

My memory is that she tended to look worried or annoyed for much of the next year or two...!
I love it! Babies are the best.
She was definitely a very special delivery... as you can see, she was already gift-wrapped by that time!
The gift that can be opened again and again... with scented surprises! lol
And there she is again! She looks quite alert for someone with such a rough start.
She did bounce back pretty quickly - thank goodness.
What a perfect confluence of circustances to allow you to post this today. :-)
Just noticed this one, with all the problems poor LJ's been having. It was so neat, when I saw the prompt and knew her birthday would fit into the time period.
She so cute, in a "I have lousy perfusion" kind of way :D
It makes me smile - she was still decidedly blue around the edges - but she already has her hospital issue nappy on!