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Well, when this prompt appeared I thought I was going to really struggle. I don't even have a Ramsey ladder into the loft / attic. My fall back was going to have to be some sort of still life using my step ladder or a photo of the stock in the local builders' merchant or to go for a ride on a ferry...

And it has poured with rain since Sunday. I was hoping to find one of the campervans or HGVs with an external ladder but none to be seen. I went looking for buildings with ladder style fire escapes but nothing anywhere.

Today the sun shone and I went off the the shop. And outside our tiny telephone exchange I found a BT van with ladders on the roof

So I could stop worrying about Ladder.

But after I'd shopped I thought about going down to the new pier in case I found a ladder there; I'd checked the old pier already and couldn't see any.

And I found

Zoomed in:

Widening the shot a bit

And a view of the whole pier

In the background, on the right, is the other side of Broadford Bay and behind the mountains to the East of the Island and on the left is the mainland, probably somewhere near Applecross
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