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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I said to dougalsservant when she posted her pictures that she had had the same thought as me - I had planned to take a 'ladder' picture when I was in Ramsey (my original home-town in the north of the island)today - I knew just what I wanted - and she had beaten me to it!

But I decided to go ahead anyway. I took the camera and parked near the harbour - and then realised I was surrounded by ladders. There were ladders everywhere. So here is ladder picture number one -

Harbour ladder

With a whole lot more ladders

I saw this as I got out of my car -


and then -

Another Ladder

within a few more feet I saw these guys - with their ladder -

And yet another ladder

And finally, this picture shows two of the ladders that you can just see the top of in the first picture -

Tarroo Ushtey - and a ladder...

Look closely at the far right near where Tarroo Ushtey is tied up, and also more or less amidships - where the ladder the crew will actually be using can just be spotted - especially if you look along the edge of the harbour for that give-away spot of bright orange.


Suddenly I'm aware of all ports being havens for ladders. Perhaps they migrate there.
There are probably illegal ladders all around the south coast...!
And yours is a proper harbour with a lot of ladders. The New Pier here is over 200 years old..... I'm still trying to find out how old the Old Pier is.
That is ladder 13 - I honestly don't know how many there are - must go and see sometime.

I'd guess the Old Pier must be about 300 years old?
I'm getting a little freaked by how many ladders everyone is seeing everywhere. I think they may be planning to take over the world.
As brutti_ma_buoni says ports and harbours have lots of them!

Actually I just spotted one I forgot to mention - there is one from the deck of Tarroo Ushtey up to her wheel house, too.
Seeeeeee? They're sneaking up on us. *g*

I read this great scifi story as a kid - possibly called "And All the Seas with Oysters" - about aliens that morphed from safety pins (or paper clips or something) to hangers to bicycles. It may have scarred me for life. *g*
I like the scaffolding picture - it's pleasingly geometrical, isn't it?
I would just have stopped with that one - except that I'd parked near the harbour especially to take a picture of the ladders set into the wall. And then I didn't actually take the picture in my mind anyway - I liked the one of just the top of the handrail better!
You definitely went for extra credit on this assignment!
I even had one more in the pictures that I didn't mention - there is a ladder from Tarroo Ushtey's deck up to her wheel house, too!
Neat ladders! But even better, clear weather!
It was glorious weather both yesterday and today - I actually put my sandals on today!