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I said to dougalsservant when she posted her pictures that she had had the same thought as me - I had planned to take a 'ladder' picture when I was in Ramsey (my original home-town in the north of the island)today - I knew just what I wanted - and she had beaten me to it!

But I decided to go ahead anyway. I took the camera and parked near the harbour - and then realised I was surrounded by ladders. There were ladders everywhere. So here is ladder picture number one -

Harbour ladder

With a whole lot more ladders

I saw this as I got out of my car -


and then -

Another Ladder

within a few more feet I saw these guys - with their ladder -

And yet another ladder

And finally, this picture shows two of the ladders that you can just see the top of in the first picture -

Tarroo Ushtey - and a ladder...

Look closely at the far right near where Tarroo Ushtey is tied up, and also more or less amidships - where the ladder the crew will actually be using can just be spotted - especially if you look along the edge of the harbour for that give-away spot of bright orange.
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