Hillevi (hilleviw) wrote in photo_scavenger,

Over the hill, through the rainbow tunnel and there's the gate of gold

I really struggled with this prompt and was about to pose a reluctant poodle on the stepladder, but then I had to make a run to the Silicon Valley, and as I emerged from the Rainbow Tunnel and saw the top of the Golden Gate Bridge I thought "they look like ladders to the sky..." So here's what I saw (I actually took the picture a year ago, when I was passenger, rather than driver).

Tags: hilleviw, ladder

  • Fast

    Just happened to have taken this one last week:

  • track

    ETA I kinda forgot the rules. This isn't my picture, my friend took it. I'll dig out one a actually took and add it to the post. Which may take a…

  • Notice

    This sign was on a dock in Scotland. We had a lot of fun trying to figure out what it meant. Still don't know.

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