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September 2019



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dougalsservant in photo_scavenger

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Those that know me, yes curiouswombat I do mean you, will realise that I am getting in as early as possible as my first choice is something under the nose of, I suspect, most UK posters.

This is my blue recycling bin (paper, card, aluminium, tin, PET only) which is still quite a novelty as they were introduced here less than two years ago.

I think that qualifies for reduce, reuse and recycle as in the top right you will see a heap of chippings on some empty land. Last summer the house next door to the left had a major purge on overgrown, too crowded, trees. The tree surgeons shredded them and left them for the other nine houses to use. So that will Reduce our expenditure on bark etc. to put around trees, it will Recyle them into another use and they will be (Re)used.

And a couple more pictures. A couple of years ago the gardener who does the heavy stuff for me built me a couple of raised beds. However since then they have been used to compost lawn cuttings and have also had raw veg trimmings and the used up contents of Grow Bags added. So I thing that is Reduce (expenditure on compost) plus Reuse & Recycle.

Finally, something a little more scenic. We have to take glass and textiles down to our recycling centres.

This is the view of the Skye Bridge from the recycling centre in the next village.


Oh - your raised beds remind me of The Marvellous Compost Bin - I think you might particularly appreciate the Morris dancing cauliflowers...
Wombat, that is wonderful! Although I do find three headed morris dancers a bit confusing. And I must e-mail you..... I just don't seem to be getting around to it!
I took a peek - that is one unique compost bin. Voodoo bin might be dead on. :)

Edited at 2011-04-11 01:33 am (UTC)
That voodoo compost bin scares me!
Skye Bridge is beautiful.
I'm very jealous that your bins have wheels. Mine are just tubs, and I have to take the one for paper out when it's only half full or it's way too heavy for me to carry. :-(