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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Thank you, slaymesoftly, for saying the magic word cardboard.

I have two green bins, one for paper and one for cardboard. When I got back home in January, after the hospital, rehab and rehab 2 at my parents' house (all post hip replacement, nothing dire), I started filling my green bins again. The weather was so bad that there was really no way for me to get the bins outside, and nowhere in/on the drifts to put them anyway. So...the cardboard quickly got out of hand, and at this point I need to "unpack" everything spilling from the bin and camping out nearby, then make a trip to the recycling center. But for a while I wasn't up to it, and I've been so busy since that I just never managed to get around to it. As a result, this is what it looks like. Don't judge me, OK?

PS - You'll notice that the bin for paper is nearly empty (today was garbage day). It actually got so full and heavy that I couldn't have moved it even when I was young and healthy, but the "kid" (he's in his twenties, but he's still a kid for me) next door took it out for me once the weather improved, and I've managed to stay on top of that one since.
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