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Smile please

September 2019



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Wombat Down! by the_reverand

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Thank you, slaymesoftly, for saying the magic word cardboard.

I have two green bins, one for paper and one for cardboard. When I got back home in January, after the hospital, rehab and rehab 2 at my parents' house (all post hip replacement, nothing dire), I started filling my green bins again. The weather was so bad that there was really no way for me to get the bins outside, and nowhere in/on the drifts to put them anyway. So...the cardboard quickly got out of hand, and at this point I need to "unpack" everything spilling from the bin and camping out nearby, then make a trip to the recycling center. But for a while I wasn't up to it, and I've been so busy since that I just never managed to get around to it. As a result, this is what it looks like. Don't judge me, OK?

PS - You'll notice that the bin for paper is nearly empty (today was garbage day). It actually got so full and heavy that I couldn't have moved it even when I was young and healthy, but the "kid" (he's in his twenties, but he's still a kid for me) next door took it out for me once the weather improved, and I've managed to stay on top of that one since.


I won't be casting any stones!
IMG_7421 (Large) Dining Room
Thank you. I do feel better now. :-)
Hey, there have been times when us perfectly healthy sorts forget to roll our recycle bin to the curb on pickup day, and as a result (this happened a few times over the holidays, when we really NEED to roll it out every week), there were times ours looked a sight worse than yours! :D
I don't see how it could possibly look worse, but thank you for saying so. *g*
One of the interesting things in this week's pictures is how similar our recycling is on the whole,but with nuances. So, we have big square tubs rather like yours, but our recyclers won't take cardboard.
At first we could only recycle corrugated cardboard, but now we can do any kind. Good for the environment, bad for the growing pile in my kitchen.
Hee! I do sympathize!
What's really sad is that it looks even worse in real life than it does in the picture.