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Smile please

September 2019



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hobbituk in photo_scavenger

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Everyone has been doing the recycling bins, etc, so as I am late posting, I missed the boat on that one! Then I went out into the garden to top up my bird feeders and thought "Aha!!!!"

Ground feeding birds don't use my bird table - they mooch around underneath. I did put some food on my stone bench for them, or on the patio, but it makes a real mess. So, when I got my new satellite dish and the installer left the old one behind, I thought I could definitely do something with that! I took the bracket etc off and just ended up with the dish itself. Which has small holes in it ideal for drainage, and is a shallow bowl.

At the moment it has peanuts, mealworms and suet treats in it - sometimes I put raisins/sultanas, and sometimes chopped up apple. The robin and the blackbirds love it (as do the pigeons, sadly) and I think it's been a real success. Another plus is that I can put it on top of my table at night, which prevents rats coming into the garden for the easy pickings on the floor...


We use scrap paper cut into pads and secured with a bulldog clip in work for things like telephone notes/to do lists etc. The one I have currently is the chopped up desk pads that had our old logo on that we were told to get rid of. Waste not, want not...



What a neat use for the old satellite dish!

I hadn't thought of our scrap pads - well thought you.
That sounds like an amazingly nutritious dinner for the birds. And I like your stone bench!
I love that reuse, and that corner of your garden looks so lovely. I could never leave a snack like that on the ground though, as the poodles would gorge themselves. Nuts! Fats! Fruits!
*grins* I used to have a beagle... nothing edible was safe at a height lower than three feet!

Sadly, I don't have her any more, so the birds get the benefit.
Your garden looks so inviting!
Thank you...
What a brilliant use for the old dish! I'm sure the birds are thrilled, too.
Woot! I've done that with old stationary, too!

Awesome use of an old satellite dish!
That is a really cool idea!

Also, your flowers are gorgeous. So springy!