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Smile please

September 2019



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raingirl26 in photo_scavenger


(Hope this photo insert works - sorry if it doesn't, I'm new to this.)

There used to be a door here:



Hmm, it's not showing up for me. Are you linking to an online album ?
I think you need to go to your flickr account and then find the html code for the size of the photo you want to embed. You're just linking to the slideshow (I think) but you want to embed the photo.

/geeky post :)

< img src="insert the photo URL here" >

Delete the space after the < and before the >

That should work :)
Thank you for being so willing to help out right away! It is people like you who make this community feel like a real community!
you're very welcome! Did you figure it out?
Indeed you did! Good job :)
It wasn't me but a new member but she did figure it out!
It's not showing up - but I know you use Flickr - so if the pic is there, go to it and you'll see above it "actions" and a drop down, and then three little icons and another drop down. Choose that one and you can then "Grab the HTML/BBCode".

If you just copy and paste the default is usually very small - so pick one of the "medium" options from the drop down below the copy and paste box before you copy and paste. You can just copy and paste the code onto the post here - you don't even need to add the < img src bit - and the pic should appear.

(You probably knew that - but just in case...!)
Like I said to walkingworthy - I really appreciate your willingness to help other community members!It is people like you who make this community feel like a real community!
Thanks to all - It's showing up now!!
This looks Very Familiar. Where did you take this pic?

(oh very cool btw - great first post!)
This is in Portland Oregon - have you been? We have some wonderful old parts of town having been a start up town back in the mid 1800s.
We have almost exactly the same wall here in Victoria BC.

I have been to Portland Oregon but a long time ago.
So funny! Though it doesn't really surprise me, we were just visiting Victoria (after many years absence) and saw the old town area. I don't remember that wall, but maybe I can post one of my photos from the trip for another prompt.
And it is a really fun picture for 'door', too!
Now that's very cool!