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The door that isn't

I've thought and thought about how to make this an interesting post, so...this is the not-a-door sequence
 In late June last year, my home was burglarized.  The thieves kicked in a side door which enters into my living room (which used to be the garage).  For two months it was boarded up with plywood, over which I hung an old tablecloth, so the not-a-door looked like this:

I had never actually used that door in my three years in this house, and it's a vulnerable door because it's not overlooked and it's sheltered by shrubbery.  So the contractor agreed to brick it in for the same price as replacing the door.  So after two months of living with the plywood/tablecloth combo, this is what I got:

Finally, this is how it now looks:

Much better, don't you think?

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