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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


Today I went to Peel - a small fishing community on our West coast. I found a whole lot of fascinating doors but have restricted myself to this one.

Peel door

I just like the simplicity, and the angle I had, for this one -

Peel corner

And the way that this almost became an abstract pattern of reds -

Peel door 2

I took quite a lot more pictures too - if you are interested I'll be posting them on my journal over the next few days.


I should have known, given your way with gates, that you would be a natural to photograph doors too! I specially love the red pattern, and of course the multi-letter boxes are fun too.
It was fun - I took about ten minutes around the wee town square and had lots of pictures. I loved the door with all the vertical letter boxes!
I have this humorous vision of the postal worker carefully separating the mail and sliding it into the correct slot, simply to have all the mail fall in one communal pile on the floor!

It's interesting to me that these photos can be looked at and it can be told at a glance that they weren't taken in Kansas!
I had the very same thought about the letter boxes!

It's fascinating how we each have different types of 'everyday'.
That's a lot of letterboxes lined up in a row. I do like the red windows!
I found myself wondering how they could fit enough individual boxes behind the slots!

I liked the house with all the red, and the way that the closer I took the picture the closer it became to an abstract pattern.
I think red doors are just gorgeous!

There were quite a few red ones around Peel - and they do look most cheerful.
Are those all letter boxes? Neat!

I like the old stone house with the (I think!) mini satellite dish. Nice contrast!
They are, indeed, all letter boxes - with a name on each.

We have a lot of old houses with their satellite dishes - our TV is all digital and you get the best picture with the satellite...
I especially like that third picture, with the door nearly camouflaged as another window, and all those potted plants brightenin things up.
I liked the way it almost disappeared, too. The pot plants were so nice too, for a cottage that opened directly onto the pavement like that.