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September 2019



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dougalsservant in photo_scavenger


I thought that this was going to be easy. All the houses built here in the last 40 years have UPVC doors but I was sure that I would be able to find an old croft house or something traditional. Well I couldn't without being intrusive and going up people's drives.

Yesterday I thought that the door of the village Church of Scotland church would be a good idea, as it dates from 1840. But I was wrong. The entrance was actually redone in 1930 and the door replaced somewhat later with a UPVC door! I don't think I've ever noticed one on a church before.

This is the church itself. I can't work out where the original doorway, replaced in 1930, would have been.

Apparently the church, when built, could hold 600 people. I find this difficult to believe. I know it had a gallery, which was removed in the 1930's refurbishments, but it still looks a lot smaller than that to me.


That's a really lovely looking little church. Too bad it doesn't still have the original door, but at least they kept to the color scheme.
The church was built from stone and so was originally greyish. I'm not too sure when it was painted white. I'm planning to go down to the archives at the Clan Donald Centre one day soon so I suppose I could add that to my list of things to find out.
Oh that's fun! I've never seen a church with a UPC door before either! It's actually more interesting than a 1930s one would have been.
I assume the people were all thin and scrunched together tightly in the pews!
Lots of early churches were SRO, too. You can stand a lot more people in a building than you can seat. And the lack of fire codes probably helped that number a bit.... ^_^
Wow, I shudder to think of 600 people crammed into that church. Neat building though!