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September 2019



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purple spring girl

zanthinegirl in photo_scavenger


Sorry; I know I'm pushing the time limit again. It's been a busy weekend!


This photo takes a little explaining; it's from the Maryhill Stonehenge in Maryhill, Washington. It was built as a WWI memorial to memory of the soldiers from Klickitat county who never came home.

It's a very interesting place, and it has spectacular views.






Great shot! It's been ages since I've last visited that place (as in, the summer after my Freshman year in college... wow), I should probably see about adding it to the docket on one of my trips down to Portland!
My folks lived in eastern Oregon-- Hermiston-- for several years. Maryhill was a good break point on the drive over from portland!

And it's well worth a side trip IMO. The museum is always interesting, and they have a very impressive number of Rodans!
That's right! I remember you mentioning that (since my mom lives just outside La Grande). I usually go over through Ellensburg and Yakima when I go visit her, but we've been thinking of doing an extended weekend visit to area around The Dalles this summer (for Geocaching), so it shouldn't be too tough to head back across the river for a side trip!
That's really good answer to the 'door' prompt - and a really interesting place, too.
It's a fascinating place. The site itself is neat-- this stonhenge replica plopped into the middle of the Columbia river Gorge-- but Sam Hill, the man who built the monument also built a huge house that's now a pretty impressive museum. Just out there in the middle of the boondocks!
Very cool place. And actually kind of reminiscent (though it came first) of the DC WWII vets' memorial, but more effective for being simpler, imo.
It's a very cool place, but honestly the location is a lot of what makes it so eery.

actually kind of reminiscent (though it came first) of the DC WWII vets' memorial

Hmm... I don't remember the DC WWII memorial. I thought the Korean War one was very striking.
Wow. That was wonderful! What a view through the door!
The Columbia River Gorge is amazing! And our Stonehenge is wierdly cool :D
Thanks so much!
That's a fantastic view -- it really is like a door into another world. And I love all the other pictures. What an interesting place!
It's a fascinating place! I had to post a few more pictures...