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Smile please

September 2019



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Easter Island

wildrider in photo_scavenger


This one was easy. This was what I prepared and served about two hours after the prompt was posted:

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter (or whatever you celebrate this lovely spring!)!


Everything looks yummy!
It was a pretty terrific feast, if I do say so! :-)
That looks like a wonderful feast!
Definitely a feast!
That looks delicious and now I am hungry.
We've been eating from Blue Willow for about 25 years now. I love that pattern.
Me, too. When I was a little girl I read a book about a cherished Blue Willow platter, and always wanted one; then many years ago one of the local grocery stores had it going on a weekly special and we got everything (I believe we have a full setting for 12, with two casseroles, two split veggie dishes, and some extras). It's our everyday china, so I didn't break out the "good stuff" for Easter this time!

We got ours from a grocery store promotion, too! (Dillon's, which is a Kroger company) I don't have the butter or gravy bowl, but I have the rest. I think I even have the large platter, but I've not seen it since the move ten years ago. Many of my plates and cereal bowls have a chip here and there and really need to be replaced. But I ended up with a zillion cups and saucers we never use, as we like larger mugs for tea.
Yeah, we ended up giving the teacups and saucers to Goodwill over the years; I do have the LARGE turkey platter, that middle-sized one that's holding the ham,and a slightly smaller one, largely because this year our Kroger's store (which is Fry's, here; used to be a local before Kroger's bought them out) had them again and we replaced some broken/chipped cereal bowls and bought a few more pieces because some of them were different this time out.

The first time was an actual local, Basha's; Fry's had them a few years later, and then just a few months ago there they were again!
You've inspired me to get rid of our cups and saucers. Since our children moved out, I've been cleaning out, sorting, and putting away. I hadn't thought about getting rid of the cups and saucers (it seems wrong to break up a set), but why hold onto things one never uses? Goodwill or Salvation Army will get some good out of them, and I can use the space. Thanks for the inspiration!
Just boxed them up. Now, maybe we won't have things falling out of the cabinets every time we open a door!
Glad I could be of inspiration! I had a hard time parting with them, too, but we never used them, either! (I tend to drink tea out of mugs, and neither of us are coffee drinkers!)