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Smile please

September 2019



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Almost missed this one - forget to take a picture last Sunday before we all sat down to eat, and just got around to my second choice idea today. We have bird feeders front and back; this is smaller than the mulit-feeder one in the back, which might have been better for a "feast", but here you can see the birds enjoying all the spilled seeds on the ground. Only the cardinals were brave or stupid enough to keep feeding when I walked outside with the camera. Everybody else took off.



I love your red cardinals - we don't have anything like them, and so they seem very exotic to me!
LOL They are pretty, and very prolific. Which is a good thing, because they really aren't terribly bright... even for a bird.
I love cardinals. We have them in our backyard. We have blue jays, too, but they are such thugs!
We had a huge flock of jays last week - I've never seen so many at the same time. They hung around for several days, but I could never get a picture of more than one at a time. It was very annoying. lol. They are much spookier than the cardinals. Usually we only see two or three at the most at any one time.
I once had jays tear a baby bird to bits and pelt me with the pieces. It was horrifying, and I've never forgiven them. They are so territorial and mean to other birds.
Ewwww! I've never seen that. The are loud and obnoxious, but I've not seen that. Do you have eastern blue jays or western ones? (One is more aggressive than the other - I don't remember which) They do tend to monopolize the feeders when they come in groups, that's for sure.
We have the eastern blue jays, and they are not nice birds. They invade other birds' nests, and tear their babies limb from limb. I was so traumatized when they pelted me with baby bird bits that I ran indoors and didn't go back to the garden for about a week!

They are certainly beautiful birds, though, but I'd take a plain sparrow over them!
I love cardinals! I'm glad they decided not to flee. *g*