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April showers bring forth May flowers

Except we've had virtually no showers all April in southern England. Paths are dusty, grass is turning brown. Happily the May flowers seem to be very much with us. Some June flowers too, I guess, things are so advanced. This tulip is standing up for spring still, though it looks a little ragged in today's very windy weather.

Flowers - quite a mixture. There are still rhododendrons out, and tulips. I used to think that cow parsley was 'may flower' (we don't have many hawthornes here), and I still think it deserves a better name! Kingcups are blossoming down in the water gardens.

Like I say, it's very windy today considering there's a clear blue sky. The pond is rippling far more than usual (it's just a dew pond, no current, and it's in a real dip so usually sheltered too.

Lastly, this moorhen has decided to build a nest in the very centre of a duckpond. Our local moorhens are a bit of a joke; they are supposed to be shy and solitary birds, but ours are noisy and often club together. The Wetland Centre at Barnes is absolutely overrun with them - which is especially funny in the 'world wetlands' section. Ah, the moorhens of Greenland. The flocking moorhens of the Amazon... *g* This appears to be just the one exhibitionist moorhen!
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