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Smile please

September 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger


Nothing says early May to me like dogwood trees. Alas, some sort of fungus/virus thingie is killing them in large numbers. This poor thing, in our front yard, has very few live branches left. The one at the back of the house is much fuller and prettier, but not in as pretty a setting.



I didn't know that about dogwoods dying off. The one in my backyard is doing poorly, but I think that's in large part because it's almost totally shaded by this giant tree I want to get lopped way back but can't afford to right now.
*nods* The ones that are hanging in the best are the ones that get lots of sun and air circulation. The ones in the woods started dying first. I guess whichever ones survive this thing will pass on their resistance and someday the woods will be full of dogwoods again... At least that's what I remember reading some time ago. That best way to protect your trees was to make sure they were getting lots of air circulating around them and sun. Although, I've got to say, the road into here, which was always lined with dogwood trees that were single trees with lots of open space around them, has lost at least 2/3 of the trees that were there 20 years ago. So...
That's so sad that the dogwoods are dying! I Googled and found out that there has been one cultivar created that is resistant to the disease.

My son has a big dogwood in his front yard. It would be a shame to lose it.
Oh, that's good to know. I'm sure horticulturists are working on it, as are foresters. I'd hate to see them all replaced by Korean dogwoods which bloom later and are not as pretty.
We lost two in our backyard... :( It is sad. I hope yours hangs in!
I don't think that one's going to make it. I'm hoping the one right behind the house, and the ones on fence lines where they get more sun and air movement will hang in. Not hopeful for some of them, though. It really seems to be more hit and miss than location. It is sad to watch them dying and not be able to do anything about it.