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Smile please

September 2019



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alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger

Massive Catch-up post

Life has been very busy, and as such I have fallen ridiculously far behind...I apologise for the size of the post.


I have a new kitten, and while I don't know if I'd go so far as to say forgiveness (apparently he requires forgiveness for simply existing)...this is a temporary truce, at least.


There are many things in my life that make me feel very lucky, but this wonderful man is right at the top of the list!


With spring comes baby birds, and this silly baby Tawny Frogmouth fell out of his nest and landed in the grass in our front yard. Fortunately, rather than trying to kill it, our dog kept running over to it and then back to us to let us know it was there. We picked him up and put him on the fence while his mum kept a close eye on us. The adorable little fellow rewarded us by telling us he was going to eat us with his soft little baby beak. LOL




My husband bought me this beautiful Library step for Christmas a few years ago (he also made the bookcase for me).


The bar and walls in the new Mango Hill Tavern are made from the sleepers from the old Lowood Railway Line.


Looking out our front door at all the rain earlier this year.


Our adorable little 'ride-on mower' working on the over-grown pool yard.


May means the temperature goes down and the fire goes on.


My mum and my daughter when we went out for lunch...and out of sight, sitting in her pram, is my grandaughter...so it was a real girls' day out. lol

I'll try my hardest not to fall so far behind again!


Eeeee! So much love. I envy you your ride-on mower. And that rainy view out your door is just beautiful. And...tawny frogmouth! We have them at the zoo, and I just adore them. I can't even imagine being lucky enough to have one in the yard. *sigh*
LOL Silver (pony) is retired (at least until our grandaughter is older), so she just potters around the place munching and intimidating my son who is now MUCH bigger than her but still has a very healthy respect for the evil white one (although she has mellowed with age).

We live on ten acres, so we have quite a few tawnies on the property... they are lovely.
How nifty, all of them! (Especially "May means the temperature goes down and the fire goes on" -- opposites!)
I just realised I hadn't responded to any of these comments. *sigh* I suck! lol

Yeah, it is always amusing chatting to my wonderful beta and friend and I'll be freezing when she's melting and vice versa. (We also tend to call each other wussies as she tells me that my idea of freezing is actually lovely weather, and I think her idea of hot is rather pleasant. lol)
I don't require a response to every comment! (But I am glad to revisit this post - I'd forgotten those purty kitties!)
How amazingly good of you to do all this catchup! And oh am I jealous of the view out your front door. (Does it seem weird to you that we put the fire on in October?)

So many lovable things in your post. Nicely done.
Sorry about the late response.

Thank you!

I rather love our view too... I don't think I could ever go back to living on a normal suburban block.

Yeah, the idea of putting the fire on in October is amusing... I'm sure you feel the same way about me putting it on in May. lol
No worries about delayed responses. The internet is in it's own world and time takes on other worldly methods.

We live in a suburb, but also in a city of trees. So while our neighbors have neatly trimmed lawns and bushes, they mostly have large trees also. As for us, we have a 'mature' yard and let the back go so it's a bit like the woods. We feel much more comfortable with loose life around us.
Brisbane is all trees too, so it wouldn't be the trees that I would miss. I just meant that after living on ten acres, with all your neighbours on ten acres too, it is a nice, long uninterrupted view--it's also very quiet, so it would be hard to go back to living on a normal sized block.
Wow! Let's see - the cats truce I knew about; Mark looks like an Australian to me. Does that make sense? That's the strangest looking bird I've ever seen! (Will be goggling it later) Love (and envy) your library ladder! And the pic of your mum and daughter is awesome. All that's missing is the fourth generation.
LOL It's rather amusing, because Mark is actually English... well, born there.
LOL - well, he just looks like what I'd expect of an Aussie. Has obviously adapted well. :)
How excellent to find your catch-up post this morning - it is sending me off to work with a smile on my face. What a lovely picture of your husband with your grandbaby.

I love the incredibly ugly baby bird, and your weather picture, your Mum and daughter pic, and - well, all of them!
I am sooo late responding to these comments. *sigh*

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

I am really loving this community, and am so glad you pointed me this way, I just wish I was more disciplined and, well, prompt, about responding to the prompts. lol

The photos were well worth the wait!

Beautiful cats, sweet photo of man with baby (I love to see strong men looking so tender), and cool bar and walls at the tavern.
Kairi has Mark wrapped very firmly around her very little finger (as did her mother before her)! lol But isn't that the way it's meant to be?