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Smile please

September 2019



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Kat Russian

krikketgirl in photo_scavenger

January 4, 2010

Hello! My name is Katherine and I'm one of the maintainers of this community. I'm 32, the married mom of two boys (13 and 11). I am taking college classes online and am struggling through the first year of working full-time as an elementary school media clerk.

Today's picture is one of the bulletin boards that I am putting together for the library at school. It will eventually have more book cover images on it, but I had to print those out at home so I can finish it tomorrow.

January 4, 2010


Can you make the community so that we can tag our entries with our username? I'm not able to tag the photo I posted the other day.
Hmmmm...I'm not seeing any reason you shouldn't be able to tag entries. What happens when you try to?
Well, when I edit my post to add a tingilya tag, it won't let me add it to the list at all. If I just type tingilya in that box and hit save, nothing happens. When I first made my post from Semagic, I tagged it with new and tingilya, and only new showed up.
I am having the same problem. Maybe only your super powers of being a moderator allows only you and ladygoat to add tags and we lowly member can only use tags already created.
Hmmm. Okay, let me try tagging the entry with your name, and then you try tagging an entry with your name, and see what happens?
Yep, it worked! I just tagged your entry as mairesue! Bwahahahaha!
Well, let's not run amok, here! : D

I think I fixed it so that anyone should be able to add tags.

Yay! Books!

New books are Always a Good Thing!
Did you make the snowflakes too? 'Cause I think those are pretty darn nifty. :-)