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Smile please

September 2019



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Meek moon

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I've been away for most of the week - having a short holiday with my husband. And although it counted as a 'second honeymoon' I didn't take a single 'moon' picture.

Then I looked above my seat on the ship on the way home (there is a 3.75hour sea journey for us to get home from anywhere) - and here was the picture on the wall...


I'm sure others in the lounge must have wondered at this odd woman taking a picture of the picture on the wall - but it said 'Moon' to me straight away.

However, I did have a 'back-up plan' to post a photo taken four years ago when we had a total eclipse of the moon -

lunar eclipse, March 3rd 2007


I wondered how you'd managed such an impressionistic photo!

The one from the eclipse looks like a painting too, very mysterious and stark.
It was a bit of a cheat really! But it did make me think 'moon' as soon as I saw it!

I like that eclipse one - I remember balancing the camera on top of a set of steps to keep it still for the length of exposure time.
Both of these are great! I've been running around looking for 'moon' inspiration and found nothing - in comparison, a photo of a picture is great stuff!
I did think it was cheating a bit - but it is a rather restful picture - I love the way it's a very calm sea...
I think you are too hard on yourself - I believe all words are up for interpretation and you don't even really stray too far from the literal here. Besides, I love it when one thing reminds one of another, it's quite poetic.
I like the eclipse. One of these days, I want to learn how to take a great photo of the moon. It will probably require a lens I won't want to spend money on!
I took that with my older, point and shoot, one - I remember thinking it would probably look like a tiny tennis ball...
I think that was a very clever response. And I love the eclipse shot. For a moment I thought it was totally black (which made me giggle), but then I saw the moon hiding over on the side.
Thank you - it is a rather soothing picture - probably as well on a rough day.

You can imagine what the eclipse pictures without the branch in looked like!