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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger

Bow & Arrow!

I though I would be totally stumped by Bow and Arrow - until I noticed, in the comments to the 'theme of the week' post, our admin saying 'think outside the box - use one or the other.' And suddenly I saw the light.

I could take this picture next week - but it would be too late - so here, in best Blue Peter tradition, is one I made earlier. Every year, in the first full week of June, the famous Red Arrows visit our island for a display. This is a picture I took of the Arrows in 2009. The shape is almost a bow and arrow... if you squint a bit!

365 week 15 Tuesday


Well done! What a lovely photo.
Thank you - I was very pleased with it when I took it - and I am equally so now, when I go back to it again, too.
What a gorgeous shot! I love how they're actually red, which makes them so dramatic against the blue sky.
I was really pleased with it when I took it - and, to be honest, I'm rather glad of the chance to share it!
So clever - I confess I am stumped on this one... :)
I think, if I hadn't thought of the Red Arrows - and then realised it was a week too early to take a new one, but this one would be good - I think I would have concentrated on the idea of 'bow'...
Great pic. And it fits beautifully!
Thank you - I am rather proud of this pic I must say!
That's a great picture. I love how vivid it is!
Thank you - that is exactly as taken - no playing around at all - I was well impressed with myself!
That's a great picture. You give me hope I'll find something for this prompt yet.
Thank you - I think thinking outside the box is the way to go!