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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


If we are being pedantic about it, then Ocean is a very difficult prompt for me, as I live in the middle of not an ocean but a sea. However as my daughter thought, rather profoundly for the 17 year old she was when she stood there, the water washing Cape Leeuwin in Australia, where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet, is the very same water that also washes the shores here on the Isle-of-Man! So our sea water might be your ocean water in a few months time!

Anyway, if you don't mind sea, then I have hundreds of pictures. But I thought it would be correct to go and take a new one. Except the sea wasn't doing anything very exciting this week. So here is a picture of the sea being fairly boring -


That was taken from the Marine Drive, just south of Douglas.

But I couldn't resist - so there are a few more interesting ones

A quick trip around the island, showing the sea in different moods.

Ramsey, May 2nd, looking towards the piers at the harbour entrance -

Ramsey stone pier

High tide, Peel promenade, November last year -

Peel, Thursday lunch time.

Manannan leaving Douglas - nice day in August

Manannan leaves Douglas

Fleshwick Bay, July -

Fleshwick 3

Storm Force 10 in November, Fenella Beach -

365 week 38 Thursday

Mediterranean style, June last year - Port Soderick -

coast near Port Soderick

Do you get the impression that I find our sea infinitely fascinating?


Darn, I was just going to give up and post a picture of the Channel. Or possibly the Thames, going by D-d's philosophy. But your sea pictures are much more exciting than mine. Maybe I'll go with plan B and photograph some cranberry juice...
Now the Channel sounds quite exciting to me - it being foreign and all that!
Oh! That Peel Promenade picture is wonderful. The truth is, though, that the more pictures you post, the more I want to invite myself to come visit you. Perhaps the next time I'm in the UK and traveling from Dorset to Cumbria (I know, but my godsister is in Dorset and my godmother in Cumbria, so that's just how it goes) I can detour to the Isle of Man?
I like that one too. And you would be most welcome!
Oh, how gorgeous! I love the oceans, too -- I just happen to LIVE inland!
I think the furthest I have ever lived from the sea is about 20 miles - and then I used to get Sea Longing and take the train down to the coast simply to visit it every month or two.
Your sea pictures always leave me feeling mildly jealous, because they're all so very beautiful.
Thank you! It is a good model... usually!
Your sea views are ever-changing and lovely.
Thank you so much - it is a good subject!
I always adore your sea pictures. :-)
Thank you. It 'poses' nicely!